“Objectivity” is said primarily of some shapes of subjectivity that have a high degree of universality. It could not mean simple passive assimilation of an object just as it was supposed to be. The path to universality lies through a robustness or resilience of inferences across counterfactual cases. Universality and objectivity are closely tied to considerations of all kinds of appropriateness in particular cases.

Universality is inherently a journey through many things, not a destination. The objectivity of objects is derivative from such an open, free process of interaction with material contingency, governed by an end of unity of apperception and mutual recognition. (See also Truth, Beauty.)

Instances of consideration of objectivity in particular contexts appear throughout the Ethics; Reason; Semantics; Historiography; Philosophy of Math etc. sections here.

Historically, there has been a near reversal of the meaning of the term “objective”.

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